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You Be You Music Room provides contemporary music curriculum to teachers and parents. You Be You takes systemic approaches to empowering diverse groups of students to express themselves fully though the global language of music. Students receiving You Be You curriculum are guided towards musical fluency in individual and community settings. 

Music is a language. As a language, anyone speaking it, whether new or advanced musician, deserves to express themselves authentically, with words that feel true and leave the speaker feeling more understood by the world. Georgia English’s You Be You curriculum gives students the tools to “speak” music, taking a contemporary approach that moves beyond traditional memorization-based music learning, and incorporates improvisation, composition, and music production.


The YBY curriculum is goofy, creating an environment where students learn through play and creativity, yet seeks to equip young musicians with the necessary music theory skills to communicate their inner thoughts and feelings through song. Georgia English hand-draws all worksheets, develops characters kids love, and empowers musical autonomy in musicians of all ages.

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